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GSD_ third semester option studio architecture department

Toward an industrial ecology for New Caofeidian
New Caofeidian, Cebei. China

Studio Instructors: Nanako Umemoto, Neil cook

An energy-based industrial ecology

The intent of the proposal is to speculate over strategies for a model of urbanization based on landscape performance, energy production and its integration with architecture.

The caofeidian location presents an opportunity to test and improve the methods of reversed electro dialysis, a method that utilizes the electrical potential of selective membranes to separate electrolyte solutions of different concentrations. electricity can be generated where a concentrated stream (seawater) mixes with less concentrated water (fresh).

The model proposes an integral spine which accommodates and distributes energy, transportation and architecture; providing a sense of cohesion and efficiency to the site.

As it develops, the spine intertwines with the different conditions of the area; it tries to preserve the seamless relationships between modified and untouched, production and succession in landscape, salt ponds and aquaculture versus oil extraction, all of which perform as a cultural landscape. this duality between artificial and natural represents the dialog that embraces the aesthetic and performance of the site and the proposal.