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Universidad del Diseño _thesis proposed for the professional degree in architecture

MADC_ Museum of Design and Contemporary Art
San Jose, Costa Rica

Thesis Committee: Alvaro Rojas, Rodrigo Carazo, Elías Marín, Luis Diego Quirós

A model for contemporary art

The main objective of creating a museum for a middle scale city was to develop and test the idea of having an enclave between art and the city. the museum should exist as a platform to expose art works and observe the emerging city itself.

In a context usually rejected as an information source by architects, the building explored the rhetorical image of the museum as a container whose apertures frame common images of the city, from the southern mountains of the valley to the irregular grid of san jose downtown.

These views pretend to reinforce the city’s visual culture as it induces a reflection over the transformation of the city as a manifestation of our idiosyncrasy.

The building bridges over to streets in order to provide an corridor of public space. this passage functions as a shortcut for art and public activities and welcomes visitors with a café and a bookstore administered by the museum.

The context served as source of formal information and at the same time it gathers the experience of everyday life, the objective of the project was to deliver an uncommon public domain for the city based on contemporary art exhibition with the city as its background.